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Communication skills through the media – sms-co

Communication skills through the media

Communication skills through the media

Accordion tab contentIntroduction

In the time of the dramatic and revolutionary development of communications and communication media efficiency has become an urgent necessity for all concerned to convey their messages and ideas through the media, which made it necessary for the interested to know the best and most successful ways of appearing optimally in different means (TV, radio, newspapers and magazines), and owning The skills and mechanisms of speaking, moving and acting during the media interviews in a way that ensures the transfer of ideas and messages in the context of intellectual persuasion is true and constructive. Recognizing the greatness of this matter and meeting this need we offer this training program.

Communication skills through the media

This program, which is an integrated approach and a clear guide for activating the correct and successful performance, as well as practical application of this approach in a manner consistent with different circumstances and changing conditions and in the best possible way. This is based on an educational and training strategy which combines the theoretical knowledge bases on the one hand, and the skill and professional ability on the other, which enables the best ways of appearing through the media and mastering the arts of communication through these means and others

For whom this course

• For those interested in appearing in the media: media, social workers, deputies, specialist physicians
• Clergy, coaches, teachers, lecturers, tour guides and fundraising collectors
• The following administrative functions: Public relations managers, human resources, marketing, media offices, press spokespersons, and....
• All stakeholders interested in mass communication and building

Objectives of the session

Provide trainees with:
• The latest strategies of psychological preparedness and Nirosuckelji to communicate through the media
• Attractive and successful personality traits of the media
• Audio music accompanying performance during media interviews and how to compose physiology
• The most beautiful tunes accompanying performance during media interviews
• Adjust the biological clock and invest time in a conscious way
• Methods of controlling tension and fear for any meeting or interview, especially the first minutes
• The basics of appearing in front of the media (TV, radio, press)
• How to generate the sense and motivation of follow-up at the viewer and hearing
• How to light and cheer words during media interviews
• Ways to connect the media message and communicate it more effectively and efficiently
• Practical lessons and advice on mechanisms for speaking, moving and acting during the media interview and the form that ensures effective and efficient access to ideas and messages
And many of the important and relevant axes

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