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Training Of Sales And Marketing Teams – sms-co

Training Of Sales And Marketing Teams

Studies have shown that leading and pioneer companies in a market manage well in investing in the human capital through training and developing work teams and building up new productive capacities, allocating what ranges from 5% to 10% of their annual budgets for that purpose, especially those firms engaged with technologies.
As a comparison, a per capita income in, for example, Four Asian Tigers countries equals that in countries rich in their natural resources even though the former (FAT) have neither wealth nor natural resources whatsoever.

The main reason behind the improved per capita levels is the increased interest in education and training, along with the continuous development in individuals’ capabilities, turning them into a positive and a powerful factor in these countries.

Due to its importance, human capital must be invested properly within a plan that goes in accordance with the potentials, level of education and awareness of the working teams.

By contributing in evaluating and guiding these training courses within your establishment, the business optimally develops, creating new productive capacities and capabilities.